Second Hand Shoes for Kids

So many times,  parents saying they only need to purchase a pair of shoes for their eldest as the younger will gets the hand-me-downs.

  • Can children wear second hand shoes?
  • Is it okay to buy second hand shoes for kids?
  • Are you planning to buy your child second hand shoes?

If you are, think twice!

Did you know that if your older child has a foot development/walking problem? Handing down shoes you can give the next child the same biomechanics problem!

We are always explaining to parents, better to provide their children with a new pair of shoes, the cheapest shoes better than second hand shoes.

  • Second hand shoes tend to mold into the shape of the child’s feet who wore it before
  • The tread and the heel counter of the second hand shoe might be worn down, which can lead to less support and stability
  • First child might have wide feet whilst your second child have narrow feet

We all want to save some money here and there. Wearing second hand shoes can be beneficial when the shoes are in good condition, no worn-down edges, holes or obvious breakdown of the rubber or leather. Most of the time kids have different feet and the shoe gets molded to the kid’s feet. Sometimes you can get away with getting second hand shoes, but sometimes it may actually be unsafe for kids to wear used shoes. This can cause their feet to develop incorrectly which can cause issues later on.

By all means, save every sweater, shirt, and pair of jeans you want for your other kids to wear again, but once your child has outgrown his or her shoes, toss the pair away. This way your children will be pain free, healthy developing feet should offer sufficient consultation.

If you are still considering second hand shoes, there are a few main factors to consider.

  • Make sure the shoes are not too worn
  • Check the insole of the shoe to make sure it has not molded to the previous child’s foot
  • Buy a new insole
  • Wash the shoes, that way you can get rid of any residual bacteria

Different wear patterns


Neutral Pronation – A pattern that is focused centrally around the ball of the foot and a small portion of the heel. The shoe is the most worn down in the center.


If your soles are wearing on the outside of your heel you are turning outwards, means you are a supinator. Most supinators are people with high arches that don’t flatten their feet as they walk, pushing their gait outwards.


When you look at your shoes are they wearing in a specific area of the sole? If that area is the inside of the heel, you are a pronator. Pronation is very common for people with flatter feet and fallen arches.

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