How We’re Going Green

Going green leads the way to social change. Making changes in our daily lives and usages helps to reduce environmental pollution.

At Kids2Teens Westboro, we find utmost importance in doing our part in the Go Green movement and reducing our waste as a small business. We offer email copies of receipts to replace paper copies. Many may not know but receipts are not recyclable. The retail industry is leading in the responsibility of non recyclable paper receipts. Each year, two out of three receipts are thrown out, without the option of being recycled. To put into perspective, roughly 9.9 billion receipts are tossed out of the 11 billion printed.

As well, proper recycling guidelines are being followed with our divided paper waste and plastic waste bins. We reuse plastics and properly recycle unwanted cardboard shoe boxes.

Green Hosting Badge

Our Kids2Teens Westboro website powered by 100% renewable energy. This helps reduce its carbon emissions and contributes to a healthier planet for you and future generations.

In 2012, there were 500,000 data centers worldwide. In 2019 there are more than 8 million. This rapid growth has led experts to predict that data centers will make up 10% of global electricity usage by 2030, and generate more emissions than the entire airline industry.

Product delivery is available through our website, during the spring/summer seasons we deliver via bicycle to avoid gas emission through a car. We don’t just work hard, we work smart.


Also, since 2017 we switched to using paper bags rather than plastic. Paper bags have a faster decomposition time in comparison to plastic bags, therefore it is not likely to be a source of litter nor harm wildlife.

Here at Kids2Teens Westboro we are strongly committed to staying green, we would much rather spend that extra “dollar” if it means we are helping the environment. We would urge other businesses to take the step in the right direction as well. No change is too small however, attempting to put in the effort is much better than not trying at all.


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