Customer Care

Kids2Teens is a former Kiddie Kobbler Westboro store that has been serving Westboro and the surrounding area for over 15 years.

Our vision of excellence and the placing of a child’s needs ahead of everything else, sets a standard continue to meet to this day.

Locally Owned

Our store is locally owned which provides Kids2Teens Westboro with a local perspective. The owner lives within the community, understands his local customer’s needs and strives to satisfy them. Today, thanks to our efforts to build a strong brand image, the Kiddie Kobbler name is recognized as Canada’s children’s shoe specialists.

Our Service

Kids2Teens’ staff of professionals understand the intricacies of the growing foot. They know what questions to ask, how to properly measure feet and the many ways to check for a proper fit. Since our staff is not paid on commission their advice is always entirely honest and we’d much rather miss a sale than let you buy a pair of shoes that is not right for your child. A proper fit does not depend only on “what’s your size?” The last or form of a shoe may vary greatly from one style to another, even among styles of a single brand. Remember your child may not always recognize or articulate a poor fit. Our experts will make sure your child receives the choice that fits.

Our Quality

Many factors go into the cost of a child’s shoe, quality and craftsmanship are key in determining that cost. Workmanship is where quality comes from, using products such as leather uppers and linings allow your child’s feet to breathe comfortably and keep them cool and dry. Kids2Teens believes that specializing in providing the best brands and partnering with parents to insure the well-being of their child’s early footwear needs, and committing professional expertise and resources, gives parents the greatest value for their hard earned money.​