How to measure your child’s foot length at home

Every child is unique, and the correct shoe size depends on several factors. All children – boys and girls – have different feet, and it is important to find the correct shoes and shoe size for your child. The tracing method. You will need: Paper Pen Ruler Ribbon/string Step-by-step guide: Trace both feet: Have your […]

How We’re Going Green

Going green leads the way to social change. Making changes in our daily lives and usages helps to reduce environmental pollution. At Kids2Teens Westboro, we find utmost importance in doing our part in the Go Green movement and reducing our waste as a small business. We offer email copies of receipts to replace paper copies. […]

Second Hand Shoes for Kids

So many times,  parents saying they only need to purchase a pair of shoes for their eldest as the younger will gets the hand-me-downs. Can children wear second hand shoes? Is it okay to buy second hand shoes for kids? Are you planning to buy your child second hand shoes? If you are, think twice! […]

The best kids summer sandals – Keen

KEEN sandals are the perfect shoe for every summer adventure your child can dream up. With higher-traction soles, waterproof uppers, and great ventilation, KEEN sandals will keep them comfortable in any environment—and with KEEN’s signature durability and quality materials, they’ll last for seasons to come. With a great selection of styles and colors, there’s sure […]

The best kids summer sandals – SaltWater

Kids shoes store Ottawa

SaltWater sandals have been cult classics for over 70 years, Walter Hoy started designing them with scrap leather from military boots. SaltWater sandals have become quite popular in recent years. The great unisex sandal for little feet. They are specifically designed to be worn in and out of water, and yes, these go-with-anything sandals will […]

When should your child start wearing shoes?

First baby shoes

Bronzing your first baby’s shoes might not be as popular as it once was, but parents are still all too eager to get their baby their first pair of shoes – and sometimes sooner than necessary. Once your baby has taken their first steps and is now walking around, your best bet for baby shoes […]